Tankless vs Traditional Water Heaters

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A house with hot water is a standard that we have come to expect in modern society. If you were asked to buy a house that didn’t have hot water, you’d think that would be absurd. And you’d be right. A water heater is a common feature in every home and business.

Thankfully, the years have brought several improvements and modernizations to water heaters. So what type of water heater should you go with? Well there is a lot to consider before making the choice. The amount of hot water you use, gas or electric, utility costs and the overall cost of the water heater as a whole come into play.  

What’s the Difference

  • Convenience

One of the main questions we get asked – How do I make my hot water last longer. Oftentimes families simply run out of hot water before everyone has had a chance to bathe. The more people living in your home, the higher the demand on your home’s hot water heater. Pretty simple, right? Everything from showering, laundry and the dishwasher draws from your home water heater. 

Your standard water heater is priced and sold largely by its capacity. It keeps it tank of water at a constant temperature and refills and reheats as needed. The downside to the traditional water heater is that once the tank runs out, there is downtime while it reheats the new water. 

Tankless water heaters work differently. They heat the water as it passes through and creates virtually 0 downtime. 

  • Environmental Impact and Energy Consumption

As we become increasingly aware of how much energy we use as a nation, and as individual households, we recognize the value of energy efficiency. A traditional tank water heater will continuously store and heat water during those hours you don’t need hot water — it uses precious energy and burns money from your household budget. A tankless heater brings that hot water on demand. It stops running when you don’t need it — they’re designed to save energy. Most people like this feature.

Society today is more aware than ever about the energy they use and the impact they’re having on the environment. Households put great value in energy efficient appliances. Traditional water heaters store and continuously heat water, even when you’re not in need of any hot water. Granted, traditional water heaters have come a long way and are much more energy efficient than they were in the past.  Alternatively, tankless water heaters create hot water on demand and stop when you are not using it. They were specifically designed to be more energy efficient.  This is a huge selling point to a lot of households and businesses. 

  • Investment

Traditional water heaters are the most cost effective choice when it comes to upfront spend. However, as time goes on, tankless water heaters start to take the edge. Tankless water heaters are up 60% more efficient than their traditional counterparts. As energy costs continue to rise, a tankless water heater may end up being the cheaper choice over the long haul. 


Installation costs for Tankless water heaters are certainly coming down – and many newer homes have them installed out of the gate. However, making the change from a traditional to a tankless water heater is certainly an investment. Our team of Mesa and Queen Creek Plumbers are well versed in the pros and cons of both traditional and tankless heaters and will consult with you on your options. Whichever way you decide to go, our team is ready to ensure your home has uninterrupted access to all the hot water it needs.

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