Can I Pour Coffee Grounds Down My Sink

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Can I Dump Coffee Grounds Down my Sink?

Our Mesa and Queen Creek Plumbers have seen all sorts of things dumped into sinks. However, one of the most common items that inevitably causes problems? Coffee grounds!

Ground coffee grounds are often disposed of by your sink’s garbage disposal. Coffee grounds are not water-soluble, meaning they do not dissolve in your sink and can end up clumping together in an almost cement-like paste that clogs your pipes. 

We get it – the sink is a convenient place to get rid of your used grounds. What you might not know are all the other convenient and helpful uses for your grounds. 

Instead of risking your pipes and a costly visit from a plumber, try this instead:

  • Use them to fertilize your garden

Instead of clogging your pipes or wrecking your garbage disposal, consider using your spent grounds as fertilizer for your garden. Coffee grounds contain several essential nutrients for plant growth like – Nitrogen, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, and Phosphorus. Not only that but they can also help absorb heavy metals from contaminated soil. Next time you’re heading to the sink with your grounds, sprinkle them in your garden instead!

  • Neutralize Odors

The nitrogen in coffee grounds that’s good for your plants is also a great odor neutralizer. It helps eliminate foul-smelling sulfur gas from the air. Place a bowl in your fridge or freezer to keep it smelling fresh!

  • Use as an Insect Repellant

Compounds such as caffeine and diterpenes are highly toxic to insects. As such you can use coffee grounds as a natural repellant. They are particularly effective at keeping mosquitoes, fruit flies, slugs, and beetles at bay. Simply sprinkle the grounds around your seating area and enjoy sitting outside without pests!

These are three of our favorites. We hope you enjoy them, too. If you’ve been dumping grounds down your sink and are now having an issue with clogged pipes, our Mesa and East Valley Plumbing team are here to help. We’re available 24/7 – call us today!

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