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Plumbing jobs you just shouldn’t DIY

Having the ability to make repairs around the house is a valuable skill. It can save you money, time, and gives you the satisfaction that only comes from doing a job yourself. There are many residential plumbing tasks that can be completed by a homeowner with a reasonable amount of skill. For every running toilet or leaking faucet that can be feasibly repaired, there are many jobs best left to a professional plumber. Here’s our top 5:

Water Heaters

Aside from basic routine cleaning – if it has to do with your water heater, its best left for the plumbing professionals at Angry Pipe Solutions. Working on water heaters requires knowledge of electricity or gas and if you make a single mistake, the consequences can be catastrophic. If you’re not adept at detecting gas leaks or carbon monoxide emissions please, call a plumber to replace your water heater. 

Sewer Repair

Your home’s sewage plumbing system probably goes without thought until something goes wrong, and when it does the job can be quite unpleasant. To properly fix your sewage system you need the right tools, such as cameras and inspection devices to identify whats happened and where it’s happened. Attempting to fix this on your own is often a costly and potentially dangerous mistake. 

Pipe Repairs or Replacement

Tightening a loose threaded joint is one with, but tacking on a serious plumbing repair or pipe replacement project can be complicated and risky. Without the right tools to ensure a proper job is done, you risk failure when the system is brought up to pressure. With water pipes, this can be a damaging leak that’s quickly noticed and fixed. With gas pipes, you might not even realize there’s a problem until disaster strikes.

Major Leaks

If you’re faced with a pipe spraying water across the room, it’s time to turn off the main supply and call in a professional. It might seem a simple matter to fix the obvious fault with a replacement joint or a spot of soldering, but this might only be the tip of the iceberg. If a major leak has occurred, it’s likely that other parts of the system are also in a similar state of wear and tear, and could be close to failure, possibly in a much more damaging and hard-to-fix location. A plumber will not only deal with the immediate problem but also will check on the health of the rest of your pipework to prevent future failures.

Apartments, Condos & Multi-Occupancy Buildings

In most jurisdictions, amateur plumbing repairs are illegal in buildings where other families also live, and so a certified professional needs to be used. Whether this restriction would ever be enforced over a simple leaking tap is of course your judgment to make, but certainly for any more major work, then it’s a point to be aware of if you want to avoid legal problems down the line.

Call Angry Pipe Solutions

While many plumbing repairs are fairly simple and easily done with basic tools and skills it still important to understand your limits. When it comes to the plumbing in your home it often pays to have a professional come out and evaluate the job. Our top-rated plumbing team offers free estimates and is available 24/7. Remember, Don’t get angry, We have the Solution. 

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