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What you Can and Cannot Flush Down Your Toilet

Our team of Mesa plumbers has seen a lot of weird things (like toy cars & action figures) that obviously should never be flushed down the toilet. However, there are many things that people seem to think will go down just fine.

So What’s okay to flush down your toilet?

Truthfully, as little as possible. When it comes to worry-free flushing, stick what your toilet was intended to flush; human waste and toilet paper. That’s our shortlist and we recommend sticking to it.
Here is a list of things we frequently find flushed-down toilets that most certainly should not be.

Facial Tissue: the material used to be soft on your nose and face does not break down in the water the way toilet paper does – if flushed often, it will lead to a clog and a possible visit from our friendly Mesa plumbing team

Food: You’d be amazed how often people think they can flush food scraps down the toilet. Even better when your toddler decides to dump a box of cereal in the pot for you to find!

Feminine Hygiene Products: Their intended design is to absorb liquid and expand. You can imagine what sitting in your pipes causes. Feminine products are a common culprit when dealing with a clogged toilet and sewage system.

Diapers: Seriously, the fact we have this on the list sometimes amazes us – However, it happens often and can cause serious plumbing issues.

Medicines and Vitamins: Medicines and vitamins may not cause a leak however, they are known to severely pollute water sources and are incredibly difficult to filter out.

Toys: As we mentioned at the beginning of the list – as much as your child thinks it’s fun to give their action figures a ride down the toilet, they cause more clogs than we can count.

Not So Flushable Wipes: Talk about false advertising…you wouldn’t believe how often we are called out to clear a severely clogged toilet only to run into a product that was marketed as “safe-to-flush”.

If You’re Still On the Fence About Wipes
Try this – Fill two bowls with water. Place toilet paper in one and flushable wipes in the other. Swirl both bowls and come back in an hour. We assure you, the toilet paper will have already started to break down. The wipes? Well, they will be just the same as you left them.

Obviously, clogged toilets are going to happen. When they do, our top-rated team of Mesa and East Valley Plumbers is here to help 24/7. Feel free to schedule a visit by clicking below.

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