When should I get my Homes Plumbing Inspected?

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When should you have you have your Mesa home’s plumbing inspected?

Let be honest, your home plumbing is probably not something you’re thinking about until something goes wrong. We get calls every day from homeowners who have drainage issues or a toilet that’s on the fritz. However, having your home’s plumbing inspected proactively can not only save you money but prevent damage to your home. Like anything, if you want your plumbing to work efficiently and stay well maintained, you have to take a regular look at it. 

So, when do you call for an inspection? And does your plumbing system need it?

Banging, Hissing or Loud Pipes

Your plumbing is working at its best when you don’t notice or think about it at all. Hearing water running through your pipes is normal sound homeowners grow used to. When the pipes start hissing or banging, it’s a sure sign of plumbing problems. It may be due to a loose pipe or a sign of an impending leak that can cause catastrophic and costly damage to your home. 

The bottom line – if you are hearing more than normal sounds of running water from your pipes, it’s time to call a plumber for a quick checkup. 

Older Homes

Mesa and the East valley are filled with beautiful homes that are less than new. When moving into or renovating a home 10-years or older, it’s a good idea to have the home’s plumbing inspected before settling in. Although the house may have passed the initial inspection and everything may seem to be working great, you could have a potential plumbing nightmare on your hands. Over time metal is prone to rust and corrosion, if that goes unchecked for too long, you’ll have uncontrollable leaks and a lot of expensive repairs. 

As a Solid Habit

Having an inspection at least once a year is a good habit for homeowners. Doing so helps determine possible problems and prevent them from causing severe damage. This also spares you from extra costs; an inspection may detect a pipe that needs replacement, which you can deal with easily, unlike if you wait for the water to burst from it and flood your entire house.

We recommend having your home’s plumbing inspected once a year. This solid habit can save you thousands of dollars in emergency repairs, protect your property, and in general, keeps your home’s plumbing running smoothly. 

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