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If you want pure water to drink, bathe in, wash dishes with and use for other essential activities, a water purification or water softener system is key. Otherwise, you and your family or your customers could be drinking or ingesting chemicals and toxins that negatively affect health, safety, flavor, and scent.

The Angry Pipe Solutions plumbing Mesa team has extensive experience installing, repairing and replacing all types of water purification and water softener systems. We’re always at the forefront of providing our clients with the very best in water softener and water purification technology to ensure the highest quality water available. Whether you’re looking for solutions for your home or your business, you can count on the Angry Pipe Solutions team to take care of you.

The water you use every day can impact your overall quality of life. You deserve clean, clear, pure water that is palatable and safe to consume and use. We can get you up and running with a new system quickly, or help you maintain or diagnose problems with your current system. We offer fair and honest appraisals because client satisfaction is our top priority.

Our Mesa plumbers team is licensed, bonded and insured. We take care to leave the work area clean. Our plumbers are friendly, professional and knowledgeable, and we’re happy to help answer any question you need. We’re available 24/7, 365, so you can contact us any time for any plumbing need. Get in touch for how we can help you.


What’s the Difference Between Water Purification and a Water Softener?


You might be wondering what exactly is different between water softeners and water purification systems.

Water softeners remove hardness-causing contaminants and minerals from water, like calcium, magnesium and other metallic particles. “Hard water” can cause problems like soap that fails to dissolve, inefficient plumbing due to mineral build-up, water spots on dishes and more. Typically, salt is used as the primary chemical agent to modify the water properties, but there are also salt-free water softeners.

Water purification systems remove all contaminants from water, including metals, pesticides, hormones, and sediment.

How do you know which one to use? It typically depends on what is in your water and the quality of the water. If the water smells or tastes odd, a water purification system may be a better fit. If there is limescale buildup in your water, a water softener could fix the problem.

Because unique needs demand different plumbing solutions, the Angry Pipe Solutions Gilbert plumbers team will be able to evaluate your water and the current system you’re using to see if there’s a more efficient and safer system for your home or business to use. Water softeners and water purification systems can help extend the life of your overall plumbing system. If you have any questions or unsure about what you currently have, our team is here to help.


Get a Water Softener or Water Purification System from Angry Pipe Solutions


If the quality of your water is less than pristine, you, your family or your customers could be drinking or using dirty water. Water is essential to everyday life. Make sure it’s the very best quality it can be by getting your water tested by the Angry Pipe Solutions plumbers Gilbert team.

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